Saree Studios Inc is currently looking for career-oriented individuals to work as Independent Contractors helping to provide Customer Support Services. Calls will be routed to a service phone number in your home and with the use of your computer and high-speed Internet; you will access all of the tools needed to provide excellent customer service.

Job Duties / Responsibilities:

  1. Promptly handle incoming calls, chats or e-mails, depending on client.

  2. Demonstrate “White Glove” Customer Service Skills

  3. Monitor & meet service and performance metrics.

  4. Provide & maintain your own workstation & equipment, ensuring that it meets the requirements of your chosen clients at all times.


  1. High School Diploma or GED.

  2. Intermediate or higher computer skill level.

  3. Exceptional customer service skills are a must!

  4. Strong organizational skills

  5. Attention to detail

  6. Must have WIRED high-speed Internet & be able to install a dedicated work phone line.


  1. Home for the kids when they get off the bus.

  2. Wake up and walk to work in your home office.

  3. Freedom to set your own schedule.

  4. Be your own Boss.

  5. Choose the client that best suits you.

  6. Train from the comfort of your home.

  7. LEGIT and Unlimited Earning Potential.

Saree Studios Inc can get you started!

IMPORTANT: This is not a get rich quick opportunity. It requires time, commitment, dedication and a vested interest in your own future. Because you are an Independent Contractor, you are self-employed and must be able to manage your time wisely and take responsibility for your work.